Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Swobo Del Norte

I've posted these photos of the Swobo Del Norte already, but I figure it's worth a repeat with the hundreds of Swobo fans visiting me today. Here's Erin riding the new Swobo Del Norte singlespeed bicycle.

Erin with the Swobo Del Norte

The Swobo Del Norte is an all steel singlespeed bicycle for urban riding, complete with fender and rack mounts. This is a pre production bike and the saddle got loose (hence the weird angle), but otherwise this bike will come equipped as pictured for $679. The 130 mm flip flop allows for a quick conversion to fixed gear, but you'll need to add your own cog to the fixie side of the hub.

Erin on the Swobo Del Norte

The Del Norte is named for the Del Norte ferry boat that runs between San Francisco and Larkspur in the North Bay. See Del Norte product details at Swobo's website.

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  1. ...& just in case anyone wonders, the saddle was loose (thus the angle) on this pre-production model, & the lovely erin was headed back to the swobo office to fix it...