Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cyclelicious is your new bicycle

Cyclelicious is your new bicycle. See, it's so easy.

Mary rides her fixed gear Bianchi Pista in Crocs. Photo by me. More bicycle blog nonsense below.

Crocs & Clips

Not really bicycle related, but interesting: "Two machete-wielding robbers, aged 20 and 16, attempted a heist at the Regents Park Sporting and Community Club in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately for them, they picked the night that the tough Souther Cross Cruiser motorcycle club was having its monthly meeting." Ooops.

Some good finds by Fixed Gear Cycling: Probation officers bike to their "clients", and his quaintly scandalous photo collection of bicycle riding tobacco card girls.

Carectomy's photo essay of interesting bike facilities.

Bisbee: 5 reasons this was a great Tour of California.

Commuter Page: London's Two Wheel Transformation, and Escape from the Suburban Fringe:
"... much of the future decline is likely to occur on the fringes, in towns far away from the central city, not served by rail transit, and lacking any real core. In other words, some of the worst problems are likely to be seen in some of the country’s more recently developed areas — and not only those inhabited by subprime-mortgage borrowers. Many of these areas will become magnets for poverty, crime, and social dysfunction." If you live there now, escape while you still have time.
Shimano reports their net income has jumped 44 percent over the previous year as they make record profits, mostly on sales of bicycle stuff.

Road safety is a shared responsibility.

Pacific Islanders on hand carved bikes.


  1. Oh, that's dangerously like a Copenhagen Cycle Chic photo, Fritz!

  2. Of course Shi-no's profits are rising. They're the Exxon Mobil of bike componentry. Yet I must acknowledge that as long as they generously toss us friction-option barcons for the revolution, they also sell arms to their own adversaries. So what the hey.