Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last minute Valentine's Day dinner reservations

Hey gents, this is just a reminder that tomorrow is one of those days the ladies expect to be treated special. I've used Open Table to save my bacon before, and they've come through for me again. They have access to the reservation calendar for several restaurants. You enter a region, date and time and they come up with a list of restaurants. The night before is pretty late for that last minute reservation, but maybe you'll get lucky and find a good place.


  1. Over at one of the fine ladies posted a reminder days ago to "get those chocolate and flower orders in *now!*"
    Friend of mine who works in a chocolate shop dropped by yesterday after work... purty tired... I ordered my fudge and got it last week - but can't find that box I was gong to give to the bike shop. That's what I get for trying to keep out of reach of children...

  2. If all else fails, a nice candlelit dinner at White Castle can be in order:

  3. White Castle *laugh*!!! They have those in Pennsylvania? I thought that was just a midwest place.

    I took my honey to a nice semi-casual restaurant in Santa Cruz; the food and the jazz ensemble were both excellent.

    My wife doesn't do chocolates (diabetic) but she does appreciate flowers :-)