Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If supermodels can't save the world, I don't know who can

Watch first...

...now read the commentary. These people are way too uptight. The video is obviously a spoof -- who believes DKNY actually made this video? Who believes that brunette is actually a real supermodel?

And why all the hate toward DKNY? Do you really want them to end up in a marketing textbook as an example that you shouldn't use bikes in your marketing because of backlash from fanatic true believers?

DKNY are not preaching to the choir -- they're speaking to their audience, the people who are interested in fashion and style. They should be applauded for their efforts in reaching out to a new audience in their attempt to portray bicycling as a cool, fashionable way to get around. Three years ago, only the 40 year old virgin rode his bike to work. This year, we'll see Brad Pitt on a bike.

More at Streetsblog. Props to Carlton.


  1. They are interested in fashion and style -- and have the attention span of an over-caffeinated 8 year old. Who cares, because once they find out that they'll sweat on their precious, expiration-dated clothes, they'll leave as quickly as they came in. They'll scamper off to the next thing, scooters or electric skateboards or dogsleds.

  2. I agree - the gothamist is being utterly snobby and hyper-sensitive. Poor, poor offended souls. Here was a chance to have a laugh with the fashionistas... and off of their native turf. We could have tainted their future trends. Nope, let's alienate when we have the chance...

  3. Oh gosh, now I've seen the clip. It's FUNNY.