Wednesday, February 13, 2008

El Paso to allow bikes on sidewalk

Where are the cyclists in El Paso on this issue? The city council in El Paso, Texas support the idea of repealing a law in which bikes are currently banned from city sidewalks. A neighborhood association representative spoke against the repeal, noting that sidewalks are for walking on.

What's especially ridiculous is this editorial from the El Paso Times Staff, in which they publish, "We know one thing for sure: Bicycles on streets are known to cause road rage." Grrr....


  1. Hmmm, I don't even know where to start. First what about putting in some bike lanes to take care of the "problem?" Or would that incite further road rage? Second cyclists shouldn't ride 3's illegal in TX.

    Riding on the sidewalk scares me, a lot. I do it on occasions (and it's legal most places in Austin). But the majority of the time I'll take a lane before I jump on a sidewalk. However having the option is good...but I think they're missing the bigger least they're trying.

  2. And what, on the streets, doesn't cause road rage?

  3. What the... Why say in the title that discussion is warranted and then all but declare the matter to be settled? Why harp on and on about accidents and people getting mowed down, and then push for "what most people think is right"? Most people think lots of things are right, but many of those things aren't safe at all. That logic makes no sense, the suggestions are ludicrous, and on top of it all the obnoxious underwear ad in the sidebar nearly got me in trouble at work. Grrr indeed!

  4. A year ago, El Paso put in some bike lanes on Rushing Drive in the Northeast side of town. Almost immediately, people started writing to the El Paso Times complaining about the useless bike lanes on Rushing. Further, any bicyclist I see on Rushing does not use the bike lane at all and rides on the sidewalk. So putting in bike lanes doesn't seem to be working, yet.