Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chicago: Higher fines for motorists who cause bike wrecks

Chicago Mayor seeks fines of up to $500 for reckless drivers

Chicago Mayor (and cyclist) Richard Daley wants the city to impose fines of up to $500 for motorists who endanger cyclists and cause them to crash, according to this Sun-Times article. "When someone opens a door -- that's why you have to be very, very alert on a bike," Daley said. "Yes, it's taken place. And [there were] a few choice words. Every biker does that -- salutes the driver in a Chicago way."

Read more in the Sun-Times. Via Warren at Commute By Bike.


  1. ...hizzoner richard daley deserves props for his efforts in addressing the bicycle/vehicle interface in his city...

    ...i'm sure he could easily jeopardize his political standing by being overzealous in the pursuit of safer cycling standards...

    ...the man stands for what he believes in...

  2. I liked the diversity of comments after the article too - yes, the usual "cyclists don't obey the law!" drivel but lots of Our Guys, too.