Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Exciting times at work

Bicycle stuff first of all.
  • One of my co-workers, Jeff, bought a brand new bike -- a carbon fiber Giant TCR Advanced. We chatted for a while, and then he pulled ahead and I managed to hang on to his wheel for approximately six inches and then he zoomed away from me like Superman off to bring Lois Lane from the dead. He was *gone*. Then I read today's Yehuda Moon and I could relate. What's especially embarrassing: Jeff doesn't ride in the winter. I grow old, I grow old. (I shall wear my trousers rolled...)

  • I finally tried on some Chrome pants. They are *wonderful*. Self portrait here and a fuller review later.
Now, if you'll indulge me, I've got to talk about work. First there's this, and now this announcement from VMWorld Europe. I was expecting the VMware announcement on Monday and almost let the news leak out before that.

"Virtualization software bringup" is what I do at work, so that announcement is good news to me personally and professionally. The project I'm working on right now is top secret, but I can tell it that it's so amazingly futuristic and cool I can't believe I'm allowed to touch this stuff, let alone involved in the design of it.

Back to random bike stuff:


  1. Do you ever work in Virtual Iron? Much easer to set up Open source for a lot of it and saves a bunch of money and time.

  2. Hi Cliff. Yes, I've evaluated Virtual Iron; setup and management is handy and Virtual Iron has done well to make Xen based virtualization more accessible. Two things, though:

    1. Sun has a competing Xen-based solution that's also open source.

    2. We support what our customers are installing, which these days is VMware ESX and, to a lesser extent, the Xen hypervisors now bundled into RHEL and SLES. I anticipate HyperV will be huge this coming year.

  3. ...there you go again all dressed up in techno-geek-ology & us one finger typers are left in the fanned breezes of a dying mainframe that's about to be pasture-ized... dr seuss readers trying to interpret sartre's 'being & nothingness'...c'est la vie... much respect for levi as i have, i've never quite gotten the "let levi ride" campaign..."let astana ride", ya, no problem, but what's he trying to accomplish otherwise...

  4. i love how nasty the comments are in the Seattle PI article. messengers: the deadliest scourge on our streets, making life difficult and dangerous for the innocents. not like us in our cars, right? one guy suggests that messengers frequently run over pregnant women and kill their babies.

    of course, anytime there's a bicycle related article in that newspaper, the comments fill with nasty vitriol.

  5. Nice to know your trousers are rolled :-)