Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bicycle blog

Blogged.com is a new blog directory that promises to help you "find better blogs." Their directory of bicycle blogs looks pretty good -- all listed bicycle blogs that I'm familiar with are worthwhile and I intend to check the others out.

I might just be writing this because they gave me a favorable mention in the directory, of course.

Amy the marketing person stroked my ego with this email: "Our editors recently reviewed your blog and have given it an 8.6 (GREAT) score out of (10). Your blog is currently in the top ten in the Sports / Cycling category of Blogged.com. This is quite an achievement!" I'm so easy to manipulate, I know.

If you need more bicycle blogs to read, take a look at Blogged.com's cycling directory of blogs. You can see my own bicycle blog directory here.


  1. ...congratulations, fritz (you ol' dot.com slut)...

    ...actually, you always have interesting links in all your posts, so you deserve some recognition...

  2. I would like to think that you're in good company, given that our blogs are tied at 8.6! :)

    In all seriousness, though, there are some blogs ranked below mine that I would rank a little higher, and I'd be inclined to give yours a higher rating because of your frequency of posts.

    Good job, Fritz!

  3. I'm not even on the list at all. I reckon that's due to my sloth and negligence for things like tagging. My poor ego was shrieking as the ratings went down until I realized I was in "N/a" ... and then realized that I was under the radar... which isn't a bad place to be ;)

  4. I was happy to get a high rating, but I was also a bit surprised since I usually just post two to three times a week. Honestly though, I can't imagine trying to rank all the bike blogs included. Many of them are very good so it would be hard to put them in order. I have a lot of favorite bike blogs which I like for different reasons, so I can't really say I have a true favorite.

    Either way, I liked the message from Amy too. I feel honored to be in the top 10 with such great blogs.

  5. congrats... but i'd be suspicious - kent p.'s blog is nowhere on the first 4-5 pages as of this evening. how can they be missing that - years of great bike writing?

    i'm sure it has to do with how things get 'tagged', ordered, listed, linked too, etc. etc.

    that said, not taking anything from you... love checking in here...