Saturday, February 2, 2008

Folding bicycle wheel

Via TreeHugger.

Pete reports on the the standardization of belts for bicycle drivetrain use.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Groundhog Day. I don't know about Puxtawhatee Phil, but I'm pretty sure the local groundhogs in Santa Cruz County didn't see their shadow today (not that Marmota marmox ranges into California...).


  1., fritz, let's give that little varmint his due & call him by his proper name... say it w/ me...punxsutawney phil...

    ...& that furry little bastard just predicted 6 more weeks of winter...

  2. Call him whatever you like, but I only root for my hometown Groundhog, Staten Island Chuck, who once again calls for Early Spring. The little meteorologist is slightly above 80%, much better than most of our human weathermen here in NYC! :-)

    Staten Island Chuck on Wikipedia.

    We'll be back on our bikes in no time!

  3. Doesn't look like the guy with the folding bike wheel ever got up to more than ~10 MPH. I would hate to be riding down a hill at 30 MPH when the thing gives out.

  4. Phil who? I don't think he exists in my world :)

    Interesting wheel, but what is the reason for having a folding wheel? Did it have a tire on it? Looks like no tire.

  5. michelle, i'm curious about what type of tube & tire the folding wheel uses...i'm assuming it would be proprietary...

    ...& warren t, (perfect name for this jra) while i'm sure the designer will swear the concept is fail-safe, i can't think of a bike component that would give me more anxiety while i was riding, than a folding wheel...sheesh...

  6. The tire looks like a regular tubular, but it's only glued on in a few spots. I would be far more worried about the tire rolling off than the wheel collapsing.