Saturday, February 9, 2008

NAHBS: Saturday night photo dump

I've dumped several photos from NAHBS to my Flickr account.

Some highlights:

Can't get in.
The floor was so crowded that the fire marshall ordered NAHBS staff to limit entrances because the hall had exceeded its limit. People were lined up 50 yards waiting to get inside the hall this afternoon.

Tyler explaining where the mud goes

Tyler from Delta 7 Sports explains that mud doesn't collect within the truss structure of his Arantix truss design. He told me that it was a concern, but in real life the mud doesn't compact inside the tube, but just pass through and doesn't stick.

Moots: cogs on the front
This fat tire Moots features interchangeable front and rear tires. There are cogs on the front hub so you can switch the front out to the back. 165mm hubs mean no dish in either wheel.

Brano Meren
Brano Meres displayed this carbon fiber truss structured road bike at the show.

Beautiful long tail bicycle.
Black Sheep Fab in Fort Collins, CO had this beautiful long tail bike. $5,000 for this configuration.

More later!


  1. ...ok, fritz...from the bottom up...

    ...the black sheep in the family certainly is a beautiful looking work bike...any plans for a straight tube, lower price point model ?...

    ...i'll be waiting for the truss structured bike to be submitted to the "cyclelicious aerodynamic facility" for wind tunnel testing...joking aside, i'd really love to see a definitive comparison w/ a standard bike to get an idea of how much air that thing collects...i also wonder about wind noise on a 50mph descent... there a particular advantage to the moots other than different gear ranges ?...

    ...i'm sorry but delta 7 sports is getting a little disingenuous w/ their defense of the arantix...mud puddle splash might not stick but any clay-like substance is gonna pack up in there...'s a fascinating design but w/ out a cover, the right conditions are going to affect it...
    ...jimmythefly suggested saran wrap, over on 'bicycle design' & i'm thinkin' he might a' nailed it...

    ...sounds like a great & successful show...

  2. Longtail --yes, builder James Bleakely said he could bring the price down to about half by specing less expensive components (e.g. Shimano Nexus vs Rohloff) and using straight tubes.

    I was taking video of Tyler/Delta 7 talking about the mud issue but then I ran out of memory :-( Lizard Skins makes a thin wrap for that frame for people who are concerned about mud anyway.

  3. Fabulous work at NAHBS! I might steal a couple of pictures but I'll appropriately refer.