Monday, February 25, 2008

Bicycling gives you big thighs

This ad from Monster is amusing. My thighs aren't quite that large.

It was posted over at Swobo's blog but I forgot about it until I noticed it again on Honk the Horn.

I consider myself a reasonably fit man, but I'm not the fastest guy on the group rides anymore. Hanging out with all of these truly fast athletes over the past week, however, has induced a bit of self loathing. Those guys are amazingly fit, lean and fast. I was able to get some comfort in the fact that they're all younger than me until Mario Cipollini had to come out of retirement and do well in the Tour of California. Curses to Dorky Doug and now curses to Mario Cipollini!

I think I'll go eat some chocolate chip cookies. And then I'll buy a new bike. That'll make me fast, that's the ticket.

Speaking of jobs, the group I'm in at Sun Microsystems is hiring. I work on cool things like the building blocks of the largest supercomputer now on the planet -- the Ranger at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) in Austin, TX. This supercomputer is composed of 3,936 Pegasus blades each with 4 socket AMD quad-core CPUs for total of 62,976 cores packaged in 82x SB6048 (C48) racks, connected thru Sun's Mangum (M24) Infiniband Switch, along with healthy number of X4500 and X4600 systems. This supercomputer provides more CPU, Memory, IO bandwidth and Storage than all other TeraGrid supercomputers combined. If you know more than a little something about Linux device drivers and kernel code, modern PC BIOS concepts, PCI, networking, and storage, please drop me a line. Bonus points if you know something about OS and system bringup, InfiniBand, optimizing drivers for high speed networking, hardware virtualization, VMware, Xen, and SAS. It's helpful if you're handy with a soldering iron and protocol analyzers.


  1. I have no idea what any of those are, but come May I'll have an MBA in Global Business! That'll at least get me ahead of the guy at the bottom of the list.

  2. I feel the same way after watching the TOC. I even started a diet and riding in the rain. The only comfort I have is that I have enough body fat that I won't to hypothermic in 40 degree rain.

  3. ...ahh, ya...well...after whatever it was you just said about sun microsystems, (a)i don't think they're gonna have a lotta interest in me & (b) i actually now think i'm closer to the bike PROs than computer-dom...

    ...yup, i just click on a button & by typing away w/ one finger, i can amazingly say stuff & read stuff w/ people, like all over the of bikes n' chicks n' the weather in paree, france all made me think i was pretty e-savvy...

    ...ya popped my balloon more than rock racing & the astana's all put together...damn...

  4. Yeah - I don't know about all that stuff, and I don't have an MBA, but damned if I don't make the best hummus you've ever eaten. So do i have the job, or...

  5. Tell you what, Logan, if I ever get rich enough to afford a personal hummus chef, the job is yours :-)

  6. Well, I know about everything you're talking least from an "I've heard of it" point of view! Never done device drivers...but I've reverse engineered a lot of low level SCSI stuff. Do I get extra credit since I'm in Austin :)