Friday, February 1, 2008

Major Taylor

I often sit near "Jen" on the bus ride to work. We were talking cycling and she told me that in her teen years she was obsessed with an African American track cyclist. I assumed she was talking about somebody contemporary. She couldn't recall his name, but after she started talking about what he had to overcome to even participate in races I realized her obsession was about Major Taylor.

The only post about Major Taylor I've seen on this first day of Black History Month is this good one on Major Taylor's legacy over at Urban Velo. It's a little different than you're usual overview of Major Taylor's achievements and "pie biter" quotes. Check it out and be sure to click through to the links for more in depth information on contemporary black cycling athletes.


  1. Great post on UrbanVelo! I don’t know if you have seen it, but Brian has a blog with some interesting Major Taylor info and links as well.

  2. ...there is a cycling team in the nyc area called the 'major taylor iron riders' in a tribute to both the amazing taylor & the u.s. army's cycling buffalo soldiers of the late 1800's... 'em cool to ride w/ 'em some day...