Thursday, February 7, 2008

NAHBS 2008 preview

Remember, I'll be at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Portland this weekend. Look for me carrying this "Seven Cycles" messenger bag from Bailey Works and with the Zero Per Gallon patch on it.

Zero Per Gallon

Mention "Cyclelicious" and you just might earn yourself a Kryptonite New York Chain, a pair of Swrve Dynamic knickers (30"), or some "53 Mile Per Burrito" stickers (if I can find them!), along with a photo of you here on Cyclelicious.

NAHBS preview

Check out this lovely 650B bicycle from Yipsan Bicycles in Fort Collins, Colorado.


  1. i will be there! (of course since i live in portland)

    call me up if you have time to get food or just ride around.

    206 threefivesix 8906

  2. Hi Richard,

    Let us know if you see the bamboo bike project folks there!

  3. Great, Kori!

    Van, two other bamboo bike builders will be there -- Calfee (and he's local so I've seen his beautiful bamboo bikes plenty) and Brano Meres. Brano tells me he's working on a carbon road bike, though, and I don't know for sure if he'll be bringing his home made bamboo bike or not.

    Would anybody be interested in video from the show?

  4. what did you end up doing last night?

  5. Sorry about that, Kori -- I ended up going the wrong way on the bus so I hooked up with a crowd headed down to Plan B. I heard the Rapha thing was a blast -- oh well.