Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will Rock Racing appear?

Michael Ball, the owner of Rock Racing, stirred things up a little this afternoon in Palo Alto when he threatened to withdraw his team from the Tour of California unless all eight of the cyclists he submitted to AEG are allowed to race.

Steephill.TV promises video of that conference soon. KWC also reports on the kickoff press conference and has a full gallery of cyclists photos at his website.


  1. What about the fact that;
    Puerto investigation to concern Fuentes and Batres only
    One day after the Provincial Court of Madrid announced its decision of re-opening the investigation around Operación Puerto, it would seem as if this only concerned the heads of the affair, Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes and his assistant Merino Batres. As a matter of fact, todociclismo reported that the criminal investigation that will now be conducted will only apply to the conservation of the 200 blood bags thought to be used for doping practices.

    Under Spanish criminal law, flaws in the handling of the blood bags can be penalised, but not the doping practices themselves. Therefore, the actions of the cyclists, former team manager Manolo Sáiz, Ignacio Labarta, Vicente Belda and others will reportedly not be the target of the re-visited investigation.

  2. I'm surprised the Amgen™ ToC wouldn't embrace Rock Racing with open arms given how well their riders have done thanks to Amgen EPO™. Maybe Ball could found his own racing series that also includes a reality show showing how to become an elite racer the easy way?

  3. They should have called his bluff.

  4. And now Rock gets the shaft at the Tour de Georgia. Nice.