Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy bus passenger

Santa Cruz metro bus crashed into hill - taken from A whacked out bus passenger on the 91 commuter express between Watsonville and Santa Cruz, CA grabbed the bus steering wheel and crashed the bus into the adjacent hillside in Santa Cruz County.

The unnamed passenger saw his girlfriend's car in -- get this -- a suspected DUI accident on the side of Highway 1 south of Santa Cruz. He demanded to be let off immediately, but when the bus driver told the passenger he would be let off at the next exit, the passenger grabbed the steering wheel and steered the bus into the hill. The passenger was arrested almost immediately, I'd guess by law enforcement officers who were already at the scene of the earlier accident. What a piece of work. Read more in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

I had a nice quiet ride home on my commuter bus this evening :-)


  1. On the brighter side. the bike rack looks a bit dirty but intact after the ordeal.

  2. One of many reasons I stay far away from buses. I can't stand biking near them and haven't ridden one in 10+ years.

  3. I talked to a couple of bus drivers at SC Metro -- they told me the bike rack is a little mangled and will need repair or replacement. Other than that, the only damage to the bus was two flat tires.

    I guess Baltimore passengers must be different from Santa Cruz passengers. This isn't exactly an everyday occurrence around here.

  4. That was strange- expecting cycles clicking Santa Cruz- and a Santa Cruz bus appears!

    Santa Cruz was named "bicycle friendly, so I am thrilled my home town recieved that honor; and assumed that coverage of that celebration (downtown Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium ) might be what I would find: but a bus on highway 1 ???

    I had better go out cycling to calm down.......;-)

  5. Anon, I had seen the news that Santa Cruz was selected as a Bicycle Friendly Community. I think many of us knew that already, but seeing the purple signs up is pretty exciting.

    I'd be curious to know what you clicked on expecting to find an article about Santa Cruz cycling to see this one about a crazy bus passenger.