Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bicycle news

Lots and lots of bicycle news to catch up on, which should be (mostly) celebrity-free...

Levi Leipheimer in Sports Illustrated. Okay, so he's a celebrity.

Bicyclist tackles bike thief. The bicyclist is the mayor of Ogden, Utah.

Kate astride the Strida folding bike
Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (of which I'm a member) to provide free bike parking at Webcore King of the Mountain.

Salon magazine somewhat accurately reports on what Bay Area bike commuters talk about.
These prodigiously well-informed and hugely calved men and women do not confine themselves to disputing quantitative criteria -- price, brightness, battery life, and so on. Fuzzier issues are also in play: the differing lighting requirements for mountain bikers and road bikers, the possibility that bike lights can be too bright (distracting other bikers or drivers), the question of whether red taillights should be set to flash or remain constant ... Seriously. I have witnessed grown men grow heated over the propriety of flashing tail lights.

Bike advocacy Done Right: Safety instruction and a Bike Buddy program in Bellingham, WA. See Everbody Bike for more details.

South Florida bike lanes: Build it but they don't come.

South Africa: Fury over bicyclists first plan. Landowners are mad over land seizure done to widen a highway. Meanwhile in Jakarta, commuters are encouraged to ride their bikes to reduce traffic congestion.

Wellington, New Zealand says "we need cyclists" for the Cycle Mad challenge. New Zealand cyclists also want bike racks on buses. Are the United States and Canada the only countries that have the bike racks on the front of city buses?

Road Cycling in Marin County California. Bike Hugger writes about cycling in adjacent Sonoma County.

Call for filmmakers: 8th Annual Bicycle Film Festival. Deadline is February 19, 2008.

Strida folding bicycle review in Business Week, of all places.

Bicycle blogs

This is the article I was writing: The bike commute as training. Treadly wrote what I already had in mind.

St. Louis: Cyclists fight back.

A new blog: Bikes For the Rest of Us.

Chicago snow biking. And tips for cold weather cycling in Iowa.

Guitar Ted: Tubes vs No Tubes debate. Again.

Fixing a folder.

History: Fausto Coppi.

Photos Credits: (1) Kate on a Strida, by me. (2) Tokyo Nights, by Manganite. (3) Traditional Wardrobe in Indonesia by Gustar Mono.


  1. ...when i first heard the TofC was adding a women's crit on the first stage finishing circuit, i though 'how intelligent of them to devise that plan'...
    ...well, it turns out to be the brainchild of "proman cycling' team boss, nicola cranmer, who approached the race organizers & lobbied to make it happen...
    ...this chick is working hard to make a lot of good things happen in the world of women's cycling... on the 'cycling in marin' link & read the article...also follow the lead to that articles writer & blogger bob cullinan who has a new internet cycling news & info project in the works called ''...

    ...fritz...great idea by svbc to do the parking only takes one moron to spoil an enthusiast's day on what will be a special time on the guys are 'kings of the mountain'...

  2. Wow, lots of great links here. Thanks Fritz